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fairy godmother.

I'm your design

let's put it this way...

*cue the confetti*

Katie & Co. is the ultimate design firm to help you turn your talent into a brand and website that connects and sells. 

With my magic wand (aka years of experience, learning, and perfecting my craft), I’ll help you look like the rockstar you are so you can make MORE money, book MORE clients and spend MORE time doing what you love.

that's where i come in.

I see you - you’re sick of feeling like you can’t show up fully in your business because you’re constantly hiding behind your outdated logo and website.

You started your business because you love what you do, but you weren’t expecting to have to juggle #allthethings that come along with running a successful business. 

You’ve tried doing it all by yourself before - and you know it’s not going to work. You’re ready to spend your time doing what you do best - and hiring others to do the same.

Welcome, weary traveler. Take a seat. 

Textured paintings, Studio McGee, audiobooks, the Royal family, stationery (with a wax seal!), Kensington, and of course, my darling babies. 

currently obsessing over...

French EVERYTHING, physical planners, straight talk, remarkable branding, laughing til you cry, baby snuggles, and Jesus. 

I'm all about...

On an early morning run (Arizona is HOT!), watching The Office with my hubby, in the Swig drive-thru (Strawberry Breeze and pretzel bites please!), or creating website magic during naptime.

you can find me...

Rapid Fire

brainiac and creative is a pretty good setup for brand design & strategy. And helping entrepreneurs share their unique expertise was far more exciting than helping Honda sell more cars. 
Now 100+ clients (and two kiddos) later, Katie & Co. is a growing design agency focused on strategic brand and web design. I’m obsessed with helping business owners like you succeed and thrive. With all the noise in today’s online space, it’s crucial to stand out. Let’s get started creating your unforgettable brand! 

Just before moving to LA, we found out we were pregnant. Nothing will force you to get your priorities straight like becoming a mother! After spending the summer at the ad agency, I knew the cut-throat corporate life wasn’t going to mix very well with my dream of being a mom. We traded beaches for cactuses and traffic smog for desert sunsets - we decided to move back to Clate’s home state of Arizona. Before I knew it, I was doing graphic design. Turns out, towing the line between

*Plot twist*

Growing up, I always felt a little too brainy for art class, and a little too creative for math. (picture an endearingly-awkward senior trying to balance the soccer team, choir, the school musical, and AP Calculus.) While in college, I chose to major in Advertising - my perfect blend of creativity and business. After graduating as an Art Director in 2018, I took my shiny new diploma and my gorgeous new hubby and we headed off to LA to pursue my career at an advertising agency.

here's the real story...

Wife & Mama

My favorite titles?

keepin' it real

"After launching the website Katie designed for me, we got way higher up on search engines and we now have more new clients than we know what to do with! All of the clients that reach out to us now are our IDEAL clientele! Our new branding and website looks SO professional and BEAUTIFUL all at the same time. We get so many compliments."

bloomeri massage

joanna hudspeth

"We have more new clients than we know what to do with!"

"After launching our website we have been gaining an average of two clients a week compared to two or three a month. My business has become very well-known in my town and neighboring towns. Clients enjoy how easy it is to navigate the website and that they can easily find the information they are looking for. Katie did an excellent job!"

weclean westchester

margarita henao

"My clients QUADRUPLED!"

"I just cannot say enough about my new branding and website. My new clientele is more high-end, more qualified, and more willing to invest. It has only been a couple of months and I am seeing nothing but great results! I feel so confident sending potential clients to my website now. I am so proud of it!"

nikki bowden interiors

nikki bowden

"I was able to raise my prices!"

"Katie made everything easy. I had no branding at first, which made it difficult for clients to recognize my work. After working with Katie, my website traffic has doubled, and my inquiries have substantially increased. My new branding and website are simple and elegant, and THEY WORK! I've been able to consistently bring in new clients."

larochelle interiors

lori larochelle

"My website traffic has doubled!"

"I seriously cannot express my gratitude of going through this process with Katie. I’ve gone through a few website folks previously – one all the way through, but when I saw the website, it just didn’t hit any of the marks. Katie NAILED IT!!!! It exceeds my expectations, and everything she set up for us is absolutely amazing!! I can’t say thank you enough!!"

jeffery design studio

andy jeffery

"Katie NAILED IT!"

"Katie’s graphics, exceptional use of color, and ability to truly capture my energy, personality, and purpose in the website, have transformed my business. I love referring clients to my site as it truly represents me and my business. Work with Katie, you’ll be delighted with the results, and it’s worth the investment to have a site you love that delivers the business you deserve."

interior design business coaching

melissa galt

"Work with Katie, you'll be delighted with the results!"

"We love EVERYTHING about our branding and website. We knew the direction we wanted to go with our “look” & Katie was able to create a complete package that represented just that! Our store traffic is in the top percentage for new shops launched at the same time. We have gained new & repeat customers!"

the curated market

shannon & Jenny

"Our store traffic is in the top percentage for new shops launched at the same time."

"Katie really captured what I wanted in my branding and allowed me to feel confident in my firm's online presence. Her designs are professional and beautiful! I was able to grow my business and exceed my goals for gaining new clients, retaining clients, and increasing my revenue, all within a year of initiating new branding and a new website. I'm SO GRATEFUL! Katie was fantastic to work with from beginning to end!"

all utah law

suzette rasmussen

"My business grew from zero to a FULL book of business!"

"Katie understood my style instantly. She understood my vision and listened to everything I was wanting and needing in a brand. I LOVE my logo and I get tons of compliments on it. I am so proud of it. I definitely think I earned business and trust from both clients and other agents."

st.clair sells real estate

whitney st.clair

"People in the industry noticed instantly."

 "In fact, I tell everyone about her! I always felt heard and understood. She was very professional and was always very responsive, which was really important to me. She went above and beyond in every single aspect of our project. I’m in love with my new branding and website!"

"I can not recommend Katie enough!"

bloomeri massage

bethany shaver

"She took the time to listen and was able to sift through my random thoughts and create options that I loved. It was exciting to see my brand and website take shape and represent my work in a visual format. Her services exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her without hesitation. "

"Katie was a dream to work with."

debbie anderson weddings

debbie anderson

the eye shop az

jared shaver

"We saw an immediate increase of patients."

"Katie had a great understanding of my style and look that I wanted. In addition to her keen sense in her branding, she offered many suggestions as to how to increase functionality of our website that immediately increased the number of patients scheduling exams. On top of all that she was a pleasure to work with."

automate big

bryan hatch

"Katie is our secret weapon!"

"Katie Mask has a great eye for design. She gave us more than we had experienced with other design professionals and helped direct our efforts into something better than we had originally planned. If you want an excellent designer with an excellent process, you're in the right place."

A college blind-date gone right. Clate is the Jim to my Pam, the peanut butter to my jelly, my absolute best friend. I'm head over heels for him. Our days start with a kiss and end with an Office episode.

Clate Mask IV

The color palette, the macarons, the romance,  the architecture, the crepes, the black & white checkered floors, the flowers, the creme brûlée... need I say more? Meet you at Angelina.


I'm that girl who makes a plan to make plans. My idea of a great time is a date with my (custom-made) planner with time to dream and scheme. However, don't mistake this for having my life together.

lists on lists

The most surprising part about becoming a mama was how deeply I loved my babies from the beginning. Say what you will about the difficulties and stresses of parenthood, but at the end of the day... I'm sitting in bed scrolling through pictures of my sweet girls. I love them more than life itself. 


Frank Sinatra is my absolute favorite, but I'm not too picky. Ella, Tony, Harry, Nat... I love 'em all. Maybe it's because I'm a romantic or maybe it's because oldies music is a special interest my dad and I share.  Either way, play anything from the 1940's and we're instant friends. 

oldies music

these are a few of my favorite things...


favorite song?

"The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank Sinatra.


if you weren't a brand designer, what would you be?

a. Author
b. Travel Agent
c. Interior Designer
d. Florist


currently bingeing

a. Parks and Rec
b. Schitt's Creek
c. Bridgerton
d. The Office



if you could meet anyone, who would it be?

The Royal family (mostly Kate)


destination of choice

a. Hawaii
b. Paris
c. Australia
d. Japan


go-to snack

a. Cold, fresh fruit
b. Gummy candy
c. French fries
d. Apples and peanut butter

depends on the day


words to live by:

"Remember who you are"


top five movies:

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 - 

Cinderella (live action)
Avengers Endgame
The Devil Wears Prada
The Sound of Music


a. Helping over 100 business owners up-level their business
b. Graduating from Brigham Young University. (Go Cougs!)
c. Surviving childhood with 4 brothers and no sisters
d. Being a mother to the loveliest little girls 

I'm most proud of...


what's your favorite part of your job?

Watching my clients continue to grow and dominate their business after we work together - a total transformation!

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