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I’m a graphic designer, a goal chaser, and day dreamer. I’m a planner, a reader, a runner, and avid chocolate milk drinker (please contact me about Dutch Bros Chocolate Milk. It’s life changing.)
I’m a new mama, and therefore live my life in 3 hour intervals. #momlife The things that make me happiest are… a great work out, a self-help book, baby snuggles, laughing with my husband, and of course, creating beautiful, engaging designs and branding. 

I'm katie.


I graduated in Advertising from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in Art Direction. Art Direction led me to an amazing internship at RPA, an advertising agency in Los Angeles. Right before the internship, I found out I was pregnant! So after completing my internship, I moved to Arizona with my sweetheart to start our family. 
And that’s when katie&co. design was born.
The “co” of katie&co. is my daughter Nora. As I started my graphic design side gig, I couldn’t help but think that she was cheering me on. It was a special bond that has only gotten stronger after she was born. I know that by following my dreams, I’ll be teaching her to do the same. I hope that I can help other entrepreneurs (ahem… YOU!) continue to chase their dreams as well. 

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With 6 years of design experience, I'm confident that I can make your dream brand, website, or graphics a reality. Let's get to work. 

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