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Full Circle Yoga

strategy   |   branding   |   patterns   |   collateral   |   web design

strategy   |   branding   |   patterns   collateral   |   web design


Full Circle Yoga is an Arizona-based studio focusing on the healing benefits of yoga. Owner and founder Deepika shares her personal journey of how she struggled to get pregnant, but through yoga and plant-based nutrition, she was able to boost her fertility and become a mother. Whether your a newbie to yoga or a full-on yogi, Full Circle Yoga is sure to have a class for you. 

With Indian roots, Deepika wanted to incorporate a mandala symbol in her logo design. We combined that with a calming color palette and a pop of gold to create her dream brand. The Full Circle Yoga Showit website follows suite with beautiful and calming imagery, displays of her custom patterns, and strategy-driven design.


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