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Melissa Galt

strategy   |   branding   |   patterns   |   collateral   |   web design

strategy   |   branding   |   patterns   collateral   |   web design


Melissa Galt is a business coach specifically for interior designers. Left with a logo and website design that she wasn't excited or proud of, she came to Katie & Co. seeking a solution infused with personality. 

As you can see from her branding, Melissa is the queen of color. She is full of energy, enthusiasm and ideas. Her branding needed to be as captivating as she was. Together we crafted a vibrant color palette, which soon let itself to a dynamic logo and website. Melissa's logo is a mix of a handwritten font to demonstrate her personal touch and a strong, crisp font to demonstrate her no-nonsense coaching style. We also created branding elements for her specific programs. These logos were designed to stand on their own, yet fit seamlessly with her main logo design. Her Showit website is full of color, energy, and custom design that you won't see anywhere else.


"Katie’s graphics, exceptional use of color, and ability to truly capture my energy, personality, and purpose in the website, have transformed my business. I love referring clients to my site as it truly represents me and my business. Work with Katie, you’ll be delighted with the results, and it’s worth the investment to have a site you love that delivers the business you deserve."

"Work with Katie, you'll be delighted with the results!"

melissa galt

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